How to Make Amazing Candy Dispenser from Cardboard

Slime Sam wants to go to a slime ball. But evil stepmother made him clean all day and sort Skittles and M&Ms instead. Sam is sad. But then a fairy godmother comes to him and promises to find a magical way to sort those candies. It starts rather ordinary – with some cardboard. Sue and Sam cut out different pieces. And Sue uses magical glittery glue to assemble the candy machine. The pieces are rather simple. The base looks like a crate. Two compartments go on top. And two slides on the sides. The trick to this is a moving piece that goes inside the machine. It has two openings that let candies fall through. Move the piece and pour the candies you want!

The machine doesn’t help with actually sorting the candies, only with keeping them separately. But it’s time for the fairy godmother to do some magic! Will it be enough to send Sam to the slime ball? Watch the video to the end to find out!

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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