How to make Mini Game Gun Shooting from Cardboard

Sam and Sue read a book about Medieval knight tournaments, where knights competed in precision. Sam wants to hold a tournament like that at home. Sue has nothing else left to do but to take some cardboard and wooden sticks and get right onto it! She’s making a mini crossbow and a mini range.

To make the crossbow, you will need a few sticks and a rubber band. Ask an adult to help you with this craft, because it requires working with a drill and a file. Make sure to follow the instructions closely, because each part of this craft needs to fit perfectly. Once the crossbow is done, you will need to make a range out of some cardboard. This is something like a box with a place to hold the targets. Assign a prize for each target and mark them with numbers. Then everything’s ready for the tournament!

Sue and Sam have sweet prizes, like candies and Nutella. Sue is quite sure she’ll win all of them, while Sam is not that confident in his archery skills. Who will win? Watch the video to find out!

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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