DIY GIANT VIRAL WATER SLIME from Instagram!! How To Make Jiggly TOY Slime! DIY Slime Testing

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I’ve been fascinated by those clear jiggly water slimes on Instagram lately! We did some water slime experiments for our German channel recently to find out which method works best. Then I decided to use the best DIY water slime recipe we came up with to create this giant jiggly toy slime. The main difference between a giant slime and normal slime is that you need far more patience because it takes a long time for ingredients to mix properly. Before getting started, make sure you have enough activator at hand (either powdered borax or baking soda + contact lens solution) because you often end up needing more than you expected.

For the second part of this DIY I made a quick polymer clay tutorial for pastel koalas! By creating a silicone mold of your piece you can get pretty creative and use it to create squishy or resin designs as well. Molds also save you a ton of time if you plan on making lots of duplicate charms to sell.

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