DIY INSTANT CLEAR SLIME!!! No Waiting For Bubbles! No Borax, No Detergent!

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This DIY was inspired by a comment from viewer Vik Attri on my last DIY slime video. The method is very simple and you can get transparent slime right away! The slime is slightly stickier (as to be expected) than regular clear slime so be sure to wet your fingers with the liquid when playing it it. Please note that ALL types of clear slime will turn cloudy once you start playing it with it because that inevitably creates air bubbles. When this happens, leave the slime in a small airtight container for a few days and wait for the bubbles to rise to the top.

There’s no ASMR in video because it didn’t produce that many satisfying sounds. Wishing every a Merry Christmas and relaxing holiday season!

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How to make oddly satisfying DIY Clear Slime, DIY Unicorn Slime, DIY Glitter Slime, DIY Floam, DIY Crunchy Slime, DIY Fishbowl Slime with NO borax, detergent or liquid starch.
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Hope you enjoyed this DIY slime video! This was a spontaneous DIY since I really wanted to test out the method from the comment and was happy to see it worked. Making slime depends a lot on the brand of glue or contact lens liquid so if yours doesn’t turn out that well then try switching brands. If your DIY slime turns watery or rubbery, then try using slightly less baking soda or contact lens liquid or borax. All of these cause the slime to harden up, and you only want just enough so the slime is no longer sticky but still stretchy.

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